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Each package you choose has 20 hours weekly of Spanish Classes. The Classrooms are small, the subjects are personalised and excellent methods of teaching are combined with and easy and simple way of learning Spanish

The Spanish Classes will be given in the Colegio Internacional Alicante Academy, a Centre which since 1998 have organised Courses of Spanish for Foreigners at all levels. It is recognised by the Cervantes Institute, and also is recognised by FEDELE, AMEELE, ELITE and F.I.D.E.S.C.U.
On the first day of the Course an oral test will be given, in order to classify the student into which level of Spanish class is the most suitalbe.
At the end of the Course, the student is presented with a Certificate of what they have achieved. The College offers six different levels of Spanish: Initial A1, Elementary A2, Medium B1, High-Medium B2, Advanced C1, and Superior C2.
The programme includes the hours stipulated and the didactic material (books, photocopies, folder, brochure, of welcome and orientation).
International Spanish Courses we have the best resources to help you to learn Spanish.

  An unforgettable experience. I have learnt spanish and perfected muy favourite sport.
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