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Get to know Alicante

Beach, mountain, town, culture…Come and discover the charm of Alicante!
The Province of Alicante is one of the most well-know and reputable areas of Spain, both nationally and internationallly. Itīs sucess is due to the large number of things on offer to do and everybody who comes has a real experience which is unique and unforgettable.
Itīs maravellous beaches,which run down one side of the Province, allow us to enjoy the selection of the sea with itīs fantastic climate and beautiful places to visit.
But apart from that, Alicante has many other elements which has the Mediterranean Touch which are not possible to experience in many other places. Itīs popular sportsmanship port,itīs popular fiestas,monuments and castle, museum or itīs traditional gastronomy all creates an undoubtable charm. Alicanteīs exceptional location between the mountains and the sea make it unique, and a great variety of options for lovely experiences and to be in contact with nature while you enjoy yourself.
And why not , leisure both day and night ,and itīs attraction as a town of buying many things and offer many services, which permit one to enjoy all your free time. It is also a key town due to itīs International Airport , which is only about 12km. from the town centre, and is one of the Airports in Spain which has the best communication with the rest of Europe.
A unique and enjoyable place. Getting to know Alicante is one of the experiences which you would like to repeat year after year. We hope that you will enjoy it and share with hundreds of young peeople like you while you learn and practise your favourite sport. Donīt hesitate! Discover it yourself.
Enjoy the town
You cannot imagine what we offer Alicante...
  Forteen golf clubs
  Paradise beaches and fantastic climate
  International Airport
  Leisure day and night
  City of purchase and infinitive services
  Typical and traditional gastronomy
  Cultural offers (museums, monuments, fiestas)
  Sporting Port/Centre of great prestige
  Perfectly situated betwen the sea and the mountains
  Contact with nature
  Novel sporting locations
  Sporting activities, of leisure and culture
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